Kicking it off

Oh yes oh yes Just Kicking It is here and we are here to stay. I have been blogging for a couple of years now and my team and I thought that it was about time that we brought our ‘classicness’ to the world, or at least to your PC screen.

I have a football and marketing blog that I will probably name drop every now and then, and the rest of the Just Kicking It team writes here and there. But enough of that, for now, let’s get into it, yes Just Kicking It ….Why? What? Who? Well, we have covered, the who? part to some degree and you can read more in the about us section. The what? Is well, simply for the reason that we think we know more than most people and everything we say should be documented so that future generations may also have the privilege of knowing the wonder of our wit, intelligence and all-round good opinion. If you don’t buy that, then maybe the why will help you?

Basically read us, don’t read us, it makes no difference to us (at least that’s what we tell each other), we are here to write what we think is worth writing about and what we think you should maybe take a minute to check out. So stay tuned for what we have in store.

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