The Greatest Heavyweights in MMA History

The MMA division is getting better day by day. The competition is going towards a better stride than it has ever been.

For the first time in almost the entire history of the promotion, the largest weight class features a genuine mix of steely former stars, talented up-and-comers, and seasoned veterans. It has a plethora of new matchups for its matchmakers to choose from. And, most importantly, It is home to the vast majority of MMA's top fighters.

Already, we have the most established MMA heavyweight champions and we are going to share some of them with you right now. You can pause your australian online pokies gaming for a bit and pay attention to this piece.

Cain Velasquez

For quite a while, Cain Velasquez has been buoyed to make sure that he builds a resume and becomes the greatest heavyweight fighter ever.

There was a massive transition in his career.  He went straight from NCAA Division I wrestling to MMA, making his UFC debut after just two fights and looking incredible in his debut, knocking out Brad Morris in under two minutes.

There were clear signs in the early stages of his career that he was going to be a massive snowball same as best casinos that payout games. And he has proved much of that with some of his explosive performances in the ring.

Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman, on the other hand, took a different approach to the Octagon. Rather than looking to other models, he started to experiment with something that could only be done in MMA. Ground-and-pound, to be precise.

Coleman was a terrifying force in the early days of the UFC, as he would use his Olympic wrestling experience to score a double-leg takedown, advance to mount position, and repeatedly head butt and hammer fist his helpless opponent. He has been prolific making sure he can be a tough opponent whenever he steps in the ring.

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