A Thought for the Week: Beaches, Botox and a Doctor Dilema

Another week has gone by and my mind is full of thoughts again. This past weekend saw me sitting on a bus for 6 hours as I went to the east coast of South Korea. A swim in the Pacific Ocean if you will. Then a little trip to the local moonwalk station to show off my moves and maybe a soju or three. So all in all a good weekend. My week however was not so great. It's always interesting doing the important things in another language. Going to the bank, the post office or even the supermarket can be very tough when no one speaks English, or your Korean is so bad that it only makes the pretty check out girl smile as you try to ask her how much it costs. However going to the Doctor is the true mission, the picture above sums it up perfectly. How do you know if he just said you are dying or you are sick?

Korea Burn Baby!

So this last weekend saw an awesome event hit the shores of Korea. Korea burn. It is the Asian equivalent of Burning Man that happens in Mericaaaaaa. If you don't know what that is, then I don't know where you have been hiding, but there is this nifty thing called Google you can use. Anyway, it was flippen fantastic. It saw people from all over the country coming together. Whether they were Korean or foreigners it made no matter all made the journey to experience this awesome event. 

A Thought for the Week #1

So I have decided I don't write enough me stuff on here. And after all I am pretty sure when I started this blog some 3 years ago I did it as a place I could put my thoughts. Nowadays all I or the other writers seem to do, is share promotional things or space fillers. Don't get me wrong some of those things are cool, and I suppose to a degree those are our thoughts....because we think those things are really cool and we want to share them with you, but I want more dammit. No proof reading, no filtering, I don't have time for that right now. I just want to write some things down that are on my mind. If I make mistakes, I apologize to all you grammar Nazi's out there...ok here we go.

Grab a Chip and a Trip to Rio with Lays

Want to win a trip to Rio?......Yes Rio Brazil, yes where the World Cup is currently happening, Yes! that is awesome. Well here is my second question, do you like Lays?.......Of course you do, who doesn't? Well Lays are giving you that chance with their new awesome campaign, "Grab a Chip".
So what is the best way to grab a chip? You tell Lays with a video of your own and they will send the winner to Rio. Yes it is that easy. If you need some inspiration you can look at these two videos that I have attached. Head over to the Lays Facebook Page and get the low down on the competition. And remember to grab a chip.

Will Ferrell Crashes World Cup HQ in Brazil

With the USA meeting Germany in a Do or Die game, things were getting heated down in Brazil before the game. Who better to call up to your team, other than Will Ferrell. I especially like the part where he promises to bite all the German players. Have a watch.

Cyanide and Happiness - Crazy Weather

Cyanide and Happiness - Crazy Weather

Cyanide and Happiness, what can be said about it that already has not been said. They crack me up every time.

FURY! - Now this looks like the Brad Pitt of Movies

This trailer is just plain awesome Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman etc etc. Not often do you watch a trailer and feel yourself jumping off of your seat. Well this is one. And with the one liners that Mr Pitt was dropping I pretty sure there will be Oscar noise soon enough. It's a WWII epic, which I always love, I mean who doesn't. And it centers around a battle hardened crew that man a Sherman tank. Need I say more? Just watch the trailer already!
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