I Now Believe in Magic……..and One Direction

One Direction

On Monday night I was lucky enough to climb over the fence and join in on the fun with Louis and the boys. Ok that is not true. I was lucky enough to be invited by the Addison Lee team to attend the Believe in Magic Ball. Believe in Magic Children's Charity spreads Magic to seriously and terminally ill children across the UK and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction helped organise this event to raise money for this great cause.

And then they said we were going to the Jam Tree

Since London I have been exploring everything that it has to offer. From football games and museums to parks and pubs. It's the latter that I want to talk about here. I have gone to a number of evening/nightspots that have left an impression and the one I want to mention here is The Jam Tree. 

First Superman and Batman and Now the Suicide Squad, DC Drops Another

I have just recovered from watching the New Trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and now this. DC and Warner Brothers studios has released the Suicide Squad trailer for us. As some of you will know, Batman does make an appearance. But what is the best news is that the Joker looks awesome. There was a lot of fear that it was just to hard an act to follow but Jared Leto looks great. Just take a look for yourself.

The New Trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice looks Insane

New Trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Wow, just wow. The new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just dropped at comic-con and it looks awesome. This is a movie I am really looking forward to. Great characters, great action and just great. Have I mentioned great enough. Don't believe me have a look for yourself below. 

Ever Wanted to be on Wipeout or Takeshi's Castle

I know I sure did. Nothing was better than watching those shows and thinking "that would be great" or "I could definitely do better than that". Well it seems that there is something on our doorsteps that allows us to do just that. It is called Rough Runner and it looks awesome.

Diving into Shoredich Street Art

shoredich street art

You walk around any city and you will notice that there is graffiti or tags on a building or something or other. This is just the way of modern society. I have to admit that I have not always paid attention to it. Every now and then I would see something and think "wow, that's cool", but I have always associated this type of thing with sort of an illegal vibe. I am a lover of art, however this has never been one of the mediums that I was particularly fond of. Oh how wrong I was.

Coldplay's Game of Thrones Musical is Fantastically Funny

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones (let's face it who isn't) then this is for you. If you have seen it already, well then you can just watch it again. Coldplay (who I am also a fan of) have come up with a Game of Thrones Musical.

My Day at Wembley, Ey Man that was One Lekker Day

Yes I got to go to Wembley and watch the mighty Arsenal absolutely destroy Villa. Some said Villa just didn't show up, but to be fair to them. Arsenal were just so amazing. All the players clicked and it was fantastic to watch. If there is one thing you need to do in your life, even if you don't like football. Is get to a cup final. There is no atmosphere like it. I have lots of videos that I will upload, but what can I say. The fans were going crazy, singing all the way to the game, through the game and all the way home. 
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