England Expects Champions League Glory

"duke-0525" (CC BY 2.0) by Thomas Rodenb├╝cher
The Christmas fixtures are over and with most countries starting to return to domestic action following their respective winter breaks, thoughts are starting to turn, in some quarters, to the Champions League.

West Ham fans from Essex and Kent to receive free travel.

Zeelo the on-demand coach service is giving West Ham fans free travel to the London Stadium for the game West Ham vs Chelsea, you can book here now.

Uber Elevate aims to get you in the air faster than ever before.

Flying cars? In a world where the Hyperloop may someday become reality and now flying cars I feel like watching the Jetsons as a kid, was not just for fun, but a glimpse into the future. And that future is closer than you think.

Uber Elevate is on-demand, urban air transportation. Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft will bring far-reaching changes to our cities and our lives—quicker daily commutes, less traffic congestion, and cleaner air around the world. Uber Elevate has already started exploring the barriers we’ll need to overcome to make this a reality.

Take a look at the video.

Is this the way we will travel in the near future?

Is 'Pop Up Travel' the way forward?

Meet Zeelo a company that is changing the way people get around. If you have travelled anywhere recently you have probably used the likes of Uber, Addison Lee or maybe even Green Tomatoes, but what if you are traveling a long distance, and what if it's with a group? Do you use the train? National Express? Or do you rent a car and drive? Suddenly the words - Expensive, long, time wasting or painful. That is where Zeelo comes in. A start-up founded by Sam Ryan and Barney Williams if have a history in the tech start-up scene.

Theydon Grey Has Point To Prove

Theydon Grey has a point to prove in a bid to establish himself among the higher class of horses in the racing field. The four-year-old has flashed potential during his 17-race career, winning five meets, including an outstanding 2017 campaign when he won three races on the bounce.

Chelsea Will Need Conte's Best in Premier League Title Defence

The Premier League title has not been successfully defended since the 2008-09 campaign, when Manchester United, under the tenure of Sir Alex Ferguson, secured their 18th crown.

Politics, a Waste of Money

There is a lot of money that is invested in politics. A lot of it by people who make up a small proportion of the population. Not based on any differences that occur naturally but based on the fact that the issues that affect them are not the same issues that affect the bulk of the population. There is no way that the issues that are being faced by someone who donates $1 million to a campaign are the same as those of someone who hopes to retire after 20 years of work with the same amount of money. Even if the latter won a million dollars playing online casino australia games very few would give more than 10% to a political campaign.

The Pixel - Made by Google

Introducing Pixel, Phone by Google. I have an iPhone and I didn't think there was something that could make me change my allegiance, however this forces the thought. 

Apart from the ad, which I thought was very 'new'...see what I did there. I think the specs sound great. I am sure everyone will agree the battery 15 minute recharge jumps out at me. Imagine a phone that finally has the battery life of the Nokia 3210. Ok well this is not that, but we are at least making progress. 

Watch the video and enjoy and if you want to you can pre-order the Pixel here

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