About Us

What started as a journey of self discovery, we discovered that there is a whole lot more out there that needs discovering. A couple of easy going adventurer seekers who are just looking to put their incredible thoughts down on paper.

We do not claim to know everything, but that’s what we intend to achieve. We are going to check out a hell of a lot of cool stuff and we are going to be documenting it along the way.

Read it, don’t read it we don’t really care (or that’s at least what we tell each other), fact is, Just Kicking It is really a place to make some noise and have one hell of a time doing it.

Contact Us:

You want to drop us a Holla, maybe you want us to check out your brand or even write you a review, then email editor@justkickingitblog.com
But just know that if we don't like what you are about, then we are not going to lie to our readers. Other than that go wild!

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