Some Tunes at the Obviously Armchair

Nate Maingard & Miles Sievwright at 
Obviously Armchair Backpackers and Pub

So last night we went to see one of my favourite SA musicians, Nate Maingard. As always, he delivered! His vibrant and joyful on-stage presence always knows how to make you feel welcome and become a part of his music! This time he had a little surprise for us though, his Father came up on stage and performed his own song as well as others with Nate! It was something special to witness, a truly musically talented family!

Bringing back the folk style that I think everyone is missing, and mixing it with some deep and intelligently sincere lyrics! I managed to grab a copy of his NEW album entitled ‘Home’ and it has been well worth it! You guys must check him out @ It will be worth your while to follow it up, just saying ;)

On another note, Miles Sievwright…man, can this guy play! This was the first time I have seen him play and I was blown away! I’m not sure if was just me, but he had a Ben Howard feel to him with his own elements of awkwardness (that added to his whole appeal) and very distinctive sound that I really enjoyed! Check out his BandPage @

Want to give Obviously Armchair a BIG thanks! A very cool venue with some great music! Keep up the incredible tunes guys!

I wish the photos could be a bit better but the pictures were taken off my phone and in all seriousness, I was trying to focus on the music…of course ;)

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  1. shot so much for being there, and thanks for taking the time to write about it:).
    Stay rad, catch you on the flip side:)