Sharks Supporters Club – #Sharks

Ok so tomorrow we see the mighty mighty (to infinity) Sharks take on the Chiefs in Hamilton New Zealand. Sure we are the underdogs, but everyone loves an underdog. Just look at what we had to do to get where we are. We qualified by the skin of our teeth and then had to travel away to Australia to meet the Reds, we thrashed them, what then? Well we had to meet the Stormers at Newlands…so where did we think was the best place to watch besides the stadium…the Sharks supporters club.

If you are a Sharks fan, how can you not be, and are looking for a place to watch the Sharks, then head to the Sharks supporters club in Claremont. We did this last week when we watched the Sharks totally out play the Stormers in their own back yard. It was a great vibe and everywhere you turned there was someone wanting to have a drink with you and talk tactics for next week’s game.

What was also a real treat was Big Mike the barman. As he calls it his “helium arm” kept the drinks following, which only made us sing “we are black we are white” a 100 times. But it was such a vibe and if you want somewhere to act like a lunatic, without being tossed out on your head, then this is the place to be.

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