The Lobby - A Cut with a Difference

My mane often gets out of control; the problem is that since I have been in CT I have yet to find a hair dresser that “gels” with me and what I want. I have always just gone with what is easiest and the few times I have been adventurous, it leaves me with an empty wallet and a feeling that I need to hide from the mirror for a while. But this year I have found a place, the Lobby, a haircut that adds “cool” to an activity that I have always found such a hack.

Enter the Lobby - Hair Shop, I am just going to come out and say it, but it is hipster central for haircuts, but my word does the place have a vibe. Craig Johns is the man behind the Lobby and he has created a place that reflects how the industry should be portrayed.

By just walking in the shop you don’t feel “hey I am here for a haircut”, but rather something else, I can’t really put my finger on it. But what I can tell you is that I really enjoy going there. Sitting in the old school barber chairs, being handed a beer and listening to the mellow tunes really does bring a whole new experience for me.

A hipster haircut why not, but don’t get me wrong Craig is really good at what he does and serves all hair needs. I was actually surprised that I was the only guy there at the time and a bunch of really hot girls were all waiting for Craig to work his magic. Everyone is really friendly and I can really recommend that you try the Lobby out.

The Lobby - Hair Shop 160 on Albert Woodstock, est 2012.
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