The Sunday Night Demons

We have all heard of the Sunday night blues, that feeling you get when you realise that the weekend is over and now you are going to have to stare out the window for another week. But there is something that is far more powerful than those Sunday Blues, something that carries over into Monday and in many cases Tuesday as well.

I am talking about demons, not actual fallen angel/monster type creatures, but rather those demons that hit you come Sunday afternoon, after you realise what you have done on that weekend. 


If you have had them, and I am sure many of you would have had them. Then you will know what I am talking about. It’s sort of the next phase in evolution for the Sunday Blues and hits you ten times as hard. I found myself having rather a large weekend, unintentionally of course, which included being asked, very politely, to leave a club after having a little nap at the bar, followed by a Saturday where we thought it would be classic to sample every shot on the menu. Safe to say that did not end well. However what follows on the Sunday, as you climb in to bed to get that well deserved rest, is that LC, that feeling that you have done something really bad and work tomorrow, might just be the end of you.

I had these last night, shaking all over and wondering when this mind colonoscopy is going to be over. I think it was 3am when my eyes finally closed. A friend of mine Ross, doesn’t know the meaning of an LC, a Steers incident comes to mind, but even he cannot escape the demons. None of us can, the only way to tame the beasts is stay home all weekend. But in most cases that is just not possible. So I guess we are destined to have this battle for the foreseeable future. Until next Sunday I bid you demons farewell, I dread our next meeting.

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