Just Kicking It's 10 Best Beer Commercials

Just Kicking It is always on the look out for great beer adverts. These are a great selection of humor, bravery, world peace inspiring pieces of ad work that we think are our 10 best beer commercials. We will be updating it as we find ones that we feel break into the top ten. Feel free to send us any that you think deserve a top spot.

10. A few beers and you will go home with pretty much anything....ok maybe not this. But none the less Romanian advertising is pretty cool

9. A South African ad that has always been a favourite of ours. You simply can't lose with beer and sport.

8. Here we have a good old Windhoek ad. We don't drink pink drinks Dave......

7. The Aussies have had some great ads in the past and in this one in particular is a good one. Especially with the amount of people they used in making it all possible.

6. I don't think I need to say anything about this Guiness ad. Just let it speak for itself.

5. We all remember this one "the Heineken Fridge" had us guys starring at each other and nodding, we want one of those.

4. Another one from the Aussies and a real beaut. Especially the part when they climb over the police barrier.

3. I definitely did not see where this advert was going, ends off with a um well, splash.

2. This Amstel ad gave me goosebumps and still does every time I watch it.

1. Number one on the list, the Heineken follow up ad. It is sheer brilliance and makes every man say, yes that would be a great show and I would compete.

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  1. Throw me a beer, This has made me thirsty