Pictures that test your Manhood

In a manly world where crying is only allowed when your favourite team loses or when cutting onions, it is hard to admit when you find something cute, or dare I say heart warming. However, as I sat at my work desk scouring the net in a moment of boredom, I came across some interesting pictures. With titles such as "try not to say ahhhhh" or "I dare you not to smile", I fearlessly looked upon the images. I am far too proud to tell you my reaction, however it was manly enough. Anyway have a look they are actually bloody cool.

A pug view

King of the jungle
King of the Jungle

Bear and his friend

baby giraffe

Looks like one of my work colleagues 

A Baby Hippo come on that is great.

baby hippo

bears in a tree
How did they all get up there haha.


Taking a ride

mom and her puppies
This is just priceless.

panda giving a push

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