The International Break - The destroyer of Weekends

There are many issues in this world.. Many organisations, people and actions that garner collective outcry, distaste and often genuine hate..For the young to middle-aged, Football loving male however, nothing is more offensive and deserving of genuine loathing than the International Football Break.

(Or as it will now be referred to in honour of an outspoken politician we hate nearly as much..."Julius')

We all know the feeling...after having walked in to the office on a Monday morning blary eyed and shuffled to your desk like one of the less mobile zombies from the walking dead, you managed to make it to that point in your day where you're able to do the truly important things in life-like update your fantasy football team. You've logged in, ranted over how RVP or Aguero could only get you two points and you're now ready to be awesome (make transfers)....but then the feeling hits see the next game week is nearly 14 days away...and then you realise-Julius is making a public appearance this weekend.

Players and managers have openly stated their frustration with the timing of Julius' public appearances yet year after year, qualifying campiagn after qualifying campaign, Julius is allowed to bring the Football leagues of the world to a standstill while he is televised appearing in little known countries like San Marino, The Faroe Islands, Transylvania and some place that even Borat would immigrate from. Managers hate Julius as he pulls their players away at crucial parts of the season where club momentum should be the only focus, and most infuriatingly often sends them back carrying injuries. Players view Julius as a pure irritation. They don't want to travel with him and often fake sore throats or bruised toes just to be able to spend less time with him. The biggest issue players have with Julius is they don't want to risk getting injured in a kick around in Julius' backyard and possibly lose their position in their respective club side.

To my surprise even certain agents have spoken to the media or on twitter about how Julius has a negative effect on their profession.."Bloody agent"

From a fans point of view the weekends when Julius is around are a dark time. The days are long and fulled with many mistaken trips to the designated Football channels where you only find matches being rescreened...or even worse highlights from the night before of Julius appearing in Bulgaria or Shoot-me-now-istan. The amount of times "shit I miss Premier league" is mumbled within friend groups hits double figures by mid day on Sunday and by that evening the most crazed of us come-to on the couch watching Cart Blanche trying to think what the last 48 hours entailed. Some may say he at least privides us with a sliver of midweek entertainment, but all he does by doing that is remind you of the Premier league action he stole from you. So no hand out there.

I will conclude with an open ended query..If everyone is so united in their hate for Julius and the frustration he creates, then why is there so little debate about measures to reform him and his logic contesting ways? you cant just leave Julius in a corner like a child having a tantrum and expect him to grow from it. One has to think that the financial incentives of allowing Julius to have his way must be very familiar with the route to old Sep's account at the Stockholm version of Mavericks! But that's for another rant..

With all that being said we have actually all managed (some of us barely) to make it through the darkest part of Julius' latest appearance and we are now only a few days away from watching our beloved clubs once again-so give yourself a high-five or if you're that way inclined, like your own Facebook status, because by Merlin's beard do you deserve it!

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