The Swap Shop at Rocking the Daisies

This is brilliant, Capitec Bank is launching a swap shop at Rocking the Daisies. Where you bring in your old stuff and can swap it for other cooler old stuff....Make sense? From 5 October (12pm to 8pm) and 6 October (between 10am and 8pm), guests can visit Capitec Bank’s Swap Shop at the Green Village and get their hands on some really cool things from bands and other festival goers.

There is no need to bring cash; simply bring your old stuff (I know someone will want it), get it graded and swap. Choose items from the different sections “things to look hot in”, "festival survival equipment”, “pre-owned by a rockstar” or ‘space oddities’ too add some festival fun and there you go.

Ah yes I am sure that I have many items for the "things to look hot in", a Borat swimsuit comes to mind, and "festival survival equipment”. Yes you will need plenty of sun block and my handy hip flask to make sure you keep that buzz going.

Check out below what a few other bands and personalities have agreed to swap:
  • Mamello – Adiddas shoes
  • Jeremy Loops – Shirt from his first giggs
  • Moving House – 2 mixed CDs
  • Two Minute Puzzle – Dan’s sticks, Pat’s old watch, CD of Andrew’s solo project, and their full-length album.
  • Beast – “Festival Survival Kit” carefully packaged for just this purpose by the members of Beast.
  • Shadowclub signed – Isaac’s sticks and Jacques t shirt used for the KOL tour.
  • Desmond and the Tutus – Signed drumsticks, 2 CDs, a vinyl and stickers
  • Beatenberg – A bag which was used in Beatenberg’s first year of gigging to carry cables.
There is also a cool video below that shows some of the people involved including one of our favourite bloggers, Nash from Bangers and Nash. I think this is a really cool idea by Capitec and I for one, will be bringing a bag full of swappable stuff. 

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