13 Pictures that will make you want to Travel....Now


Now we all have that travelling spirit inside of us. But mine has been wide awake for sometime now. I have been searching for places that I want to go and have to see before taking life to seriously. Well when I saw these I knew that I have to soon be the one taking these pictures and not just wishing I was.
I mean how amazing would this be to do I mean come on. 

On top of the world


With a window view like this, compared to my one of my desk, the urge to travel is oh so strong.

Room with a view

clear as they come

a bridge in the sea

Madeira, Portugal, well you have just been added to the "must see and swim" places on my list. I bet you there are some flat tens there.

Madeira, Portugal

 Now if it's fun normally Amsterdam in the Snow is something special. The cold may just make things all the more interesting. Also it looks pretty dam beautiful.

Amsterdam in the Snow

That is epic, I don't think there is a person out there that would disagree with me. 



The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Syke, Scotland is really something to behold

The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Syke, Scotland


on the edge of New York

This is just a picture that I thought was really great.

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