League of Beers - You Can't Lose

"A society of exceptional craft beer lovers, and the extraordinary beers they enjoy." Hmmm a pretty good way to describe it. You could also just say that it's flippen AWESOME!! I recently received a case from League of Beers, the Brewers & Union Mixed Case to be exact. I am a huge fan of Craft Beer so having a selection of 12 of their best beers was great. 

The founder members of The League of Beers are Rob Heyns, Manie Potgieter and Nzeka Biyela. And they have created something that I think will work very well in South Africa. After all we all know how much South Africans love beer, and with the current trend of drinking craft, it's a winning formula. Supplying mixed cases of 12 craft beers a month at R400 a case to members and delivering it anywhere in SA, you can be sure to always have your stoke of any of your favourite craft beers where ever you are. 

I will be sure to be testing a few more of these delicious brews very soon.

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