Linkin Park - Tonight

A quick word because I for once actually am working, Linkin Park is tonight and I am beyond keen. Just read my tweets if you don't believe me. Cape Town the perfect venue for any concert, but I am particularly excited for this one. It may stem from my days of my mother asking me why I was screaming as I sang along to Crawling or Papercut, but one thing is that come tonight I will be jumping around like a lunatic. Below I have added the likely set list that they will be playing. It is from their last live performance in Brazil, so have a look if you interested.

  1. Tinfoil 
  2. Faint 
  3. Papercut 
  4. Given Up 
  5. With You 
  6. Somewhere I Belong 
  7. In My Remains 
  8. New Divide 
  9. Victimized 
    (w/ QWERTY bridge)
  10. Points of Authority 
  11. Lies Greed Misery 
  12. Waiting for the End 
    (Until It Breaks intro)
  13. Breaking the Habit 
  14. Leave Out All the Rest / Shadow of the Day / Iridescent
  15. The Catalyst 
  16. Lost in the Echo 
  17. Numb 
    (w/ Numb/Encore bridge)
  18. What I've Done 
  19. One Step Closer 
  20. Encore:
  21. Burn It Down 
  22. In the End 
  23. Bleed It Out 

    You can see the videos here at Setlist

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