The EWT Launches an Innovative Social Media Campaign

The title of the post says it all, this really is an innovative social media campaign by the Endangered Wildlife Trust. We have all seen all those videos on YouTube - "the Mountain Biker gets taken out by Buck", "the Dramatic Lemur" and "the Sneezing Baby Panda", well they have been recreated in a very effective way. It is designed to make you think about a world without animals. As in these videos wouldn't exist without the animals in them. I am always happy to write about campaigns such as these, especially because I am fully behind it.

Below I have added a section from the press release:

"to draw attention to the plight of endangered species. Drawing inspiration from wild animal clips that went viral all over the internet, low-fi versions of the videos have been recreated with one critical difference – the original animals have been replaced with ‘fake’ ones. The videos explore the dismal and disappointing reality of a world without wildlife and will hopefully stir audiences to necessary action.

The campaign message: “It’s stupid. But then so is extinction,” is designed with the purpose of drawing users of social media to the various online platforms of the EWT, while the call to action: “A small donation can make a difference,” aims to assist the Trust in raising funds for its crucial activities."

Check it out on Twitter with the hashtag #WhenTheyreGone, quite powerful if you think about it.

You can view the campaign on YouTube -, on facebook and on twitter @TheEWT

Or you can just watch the videos below that I have added in. They are pretty classic.

For further information please contact Nomonde Mxhalisa on or Franco D’Onofrio and 0824434410.

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