The Most South African Flight Ever

So today I received an invite to an event that promises to be the Most South African Flight Ever with Kulula. Even though it says what it is going to be, it is still clouded in mystery. I mean I really have no idea what it entails, besides being on the most unique flight ever. That doesn't mean that I am not excited to see what there is in store. After all it is done by the guys Society and they always do cool stuff.  

"kulula is calling all Calitzdorp clog dancers, Zulu princesses, illegitimate sons of Afrikaans popstars, Bloemfontein organic cheese makers, Durban bee-keepers, urban goat herders, hipster grannies, businessmen from Qunu with a Jewish mother and a Sotho father, one-armed lesbian mud wrestlers from Springbok, and kinda interesting- media-savvy-individuals like you, to join us on The Most South African Flight Ever.

We’re inviting all South Africans to visit and tell us what makes them unique. And if they’re a one-of-a-kind South African, they may just find themselves representing their tribe, together with you on the flight."

And here is what the invite that landed on my desk looks like, pretty cool. Had fun throwing it at the interns. Go and enter on Facebook and you could also be part of this mysterious experience. 

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