Google Chrome: Super Sync Sports Mobile Game

It's no secret that we love techno things on this blog, well do be more accurate, we love cool things here. So when I saw this I felt hmmmm that should be shared. A Google Chrome Experiment called ‘Super Sync Sports’ has just been released. It allows players to sync their mobile phones and tablets to be used as a remote control. So it does require you to own more gadgets, but in this day and age most of you do. I have seen how obsessed iPhone users are with their apps and games, so it is a great move by Google.

So what do you do, well once you have chosen a game you’ll use your mobile to run, swim and cycle your way to victory, whilst the game plays out on your desktop or notebook. Pretty cool stuff, and we continue to see the phone become more than a phone. Remember when we used to just use them to call people.

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