3 Days to go Until 16 Winners Announced #BigBlogX

It is so close I can almost taste it. We are 3 days and a number of hours away from what could be the coolest experience ever. I know for a fact if I am selected it will be for me. The Big Blog Exchange has now taken a dream and made it a possiblity. And as I have always liked to say, the Difference Between a Dream and Reality, is only a Second Away. You can quote me on that. But the point is, that in 3 days and a few hours, that second will be upon us. 

There have been some amazing thoughts and ideas going through my head as to what I will do if I am selected, and in what wild and unique way I will record my exploits. Well one of them will be on what I have recently set up on YouTube - I like to call it Just Kicking It TV, and yes it is going to be AWESOME. So not just blog post and tweets and shares, but video blogs, fantasic vids. I have actually seen some other bloggers in the TBBE that have inspired me. And I think that is what is so great about this whole experience. Whether you win or lose, you have undoubtly met some bloggers along the way, you have widened your network and you have learnt how they do things. And maybe you have "borrowed" some of their ideas, don't worry I am sure they will give them back;)

Anyway, as I said it is only 3 days away and I am sure all the top 100 are sitting on the edge of their seats and just waiting for the condown timer to hit zero. Until then, Good luck all. 

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  1. congrats for being 100 top finalist, gud luck