A Ball We Would all Want to Touch

Maybe that title doesn't quite explain the post, but I am sure it will make sense to you all in a little bit. I can safely say that when you are at a concert and a large balloon or beach ball comes around, you try and touch it. Fact is we all do. What normally happens then is security will get the ball removed, ending all the harmless fun. I mean, I myself remember the last Coldplay concert, where the best part was when they released a whole lot of colored beach balls...it was great. Well hp did something rather cool themselves.

Their ball came complete with security approval. The HP Photoball consists of one huge blow up ball, a HD camera and a wifi-hub. What this allowed was for the ball to stream photos and video live, not only to the festival stage, but also Facebook. Then people who'd been near the ball could find their photo and tag themselves instantly. There was also a live feed to over 3 million people, and I think the guys at Almap BBDO did a great job. Check out the vid below.

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