Famous in Korea

As you know I am teaching English for a while in Korea with Jordan a fellow Just Kicker, as we move around the world on the Just Kicking It adventure. But anyway, my co-teacher, brought this to my attention. On a local news network it seems we were featured in a little (but very hectic and important) piece. Myself and fellow foreign teacher, Renzo (the guy with the glasses) who is also from SA, were caught quite unawares. Because apparently our school or English village teaches the cream of the crop. It seems they think our style of teaching is different, they call it teaching through fun.
I know most of you can't understand Korean so I will just do a little translation for you. Basically all you need to know is now we are famous. It makes a call for all foreign teachers to be as awesome as we are and that we have changed the face of English teaching in Korea. If you do understand Korean, well then feel free to correct me where I misunderstood.

The video was from this news site http://www.djnews.co.kr/sub_read.html?uid=452&section=sc1&section2= It took me a longer then I would have liked, but I am now famous in Korea. 

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