GAME: The Future of Golf App

Now in the modern age, apps are everywhere, and lets face it, even the most jock of us, use them. So Sports fans hold onto your clubs....yes Golf nuts this app has been dubbed the future of Golf App. GAME GOLF is a new connected product set that automatically tracks, maps and records your entire round of golf. You can share it with your friends, and compete with them, even if they are not able to join you on the same or course or play with you at the same time. Awesome, I know plenty of friends around the world that I would love to beat.

The concept, which has so far raised over $100,000 on Indiegogo, is made using wearable technology, and automatically records every club used, swing made and yard covered in each round, and it calculates the key statistics for every game that you play too — scoring, number of putts, greens in regulation, driving accuracy etc. This could be huge. Check it out.

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