LEGO it was Awesome then....and Now

LEGO Story Builder: Augmented Reality App, that is what we have here. Now I don't know about you, but I have always had (and still do) the most vivid imagination. That is why growing up, Lego was my toy of choice. The possibilities were endless, and I literally spent hours and hours away off in some great land, fighting with dragons and mighty battles (Knights Kingdom was my choice). Problem is, today kids are obsessed with video games and there is no need for the imagination. This is where story builder steps in.
What you do is, grab some Lego, build the object brick by brick and then hold up an iPhone or iPad to bring it to life, creative an interactive story that constantly evolves as you continue to build and change that model. Bleedy cool it seems and the video below only confirms that, so take a look.

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