Living in the Shadow of Nukes

I thought of a few titles for this post such as, watching the skies for nukes, the fear of the mushroom, etc, but I think the title I have chosen fits perfectly. Now as you know I am Kicking It in South Korea at the moment. And I am sent messages daily from friends and family. Some of them frantic, some of them merely asking questions. But one theme I safe with North Korea threatening to bring the region into nuclear war?

Well I have an answer for all of you. South Koreans, and more to the point foreigners living here, are taking every precaution to ensure that we are ready and safe from and North Korean attacks.

1. We've have been asked to stick mirrors to the tops of our shoes, so even if we look down, we can still watch the skies. This puts the mind at ease and also gives the neck a rest from cloud watching.

The masterful invention that keeps eyes on the skies
Now as most people living in flats or apartments will know, is that when things break or do not work properly, we ask our land lord or super to fix it.

2. Well instead of calling my landlord to fix my toilet or anything else, normally  I am asking him to make sure my ventilation in my bunker is good. If you haven't had yours installed yet, well no need to panic, because you can get yours down at your local Lotte Mart or Home Plus, complete with "ready to bury" features.

With two entrances/exits you will be sure to never have a problem jumping in.
Now what about chemical warfare or something that sends gas at us. What will we do then? We have already thought of everything else so what now?

3. Well this may just be the easiest of all. In South Korea, when you go to a petrol/gas station, they give you free bottled water or tissues. Yes random, but very nice all the same. Well nowadays it has been changed up, and now, you receive a free gas mask. However that is not the only place. Maybe you are out on the town and you couldn't bring yours with, well never fear because at most establishments with every five shots you get a free gas mask. So there you go, there is never a reason for you to be surrounded by gas.

No matter where you are, you will be ready.
With all of that being said, it is hard not to feel safe, with all those measures put in place you can wake up every morning with a feeling of "can do". So my friends and family you see, there is no reason to ask me if I am afraid, because if you were in my shoes (covered in mirrors) you would see that in the shadow of nukes, South Korean safety measures are a shinning light.

I will be sure to update you on anything that happens here, but until then....I'll continue to watch the skies.

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