Another Cherry I have come to Love

The title may be a bit misleading, but hey I got to draw in the readers. What I have discovered while Kicking it, on the Korean Chronicles, is that there is a new cherry that we all want to see. I can't really explain it to you, and it is something that you have to see in person to really comprehend (whether in South Korea or Japan), but the Cherry Blossom is one of God's great creations. I mean I am not one to admire flowers and think, wow that is beautiful. But when you are standing on a street and all you can see is a line of trees blooming..... well, you find yourself saying some rather soft things. 

What probably makes it all the more magical.....yes I said that the cherry blossom trees, line all the streets, parks and basically everywhere you walk or drive. Added to this, is that they only last for 2 weeks a year. So basically it is a massive vibe, there are festivals, lots of drinking and all round happy people. I am sure that all adds to it, but I just can't take away from how cool a cherry blossom is when it is in bloom. Arriving here during winter, where literally nothing was growing, everything was just grey and dead, to this is truly something that should be witnessed at least once in your lifetime.

Take a look at some of these pics below that myself and my friend Jenni snapped in between staring at the simple beauty that is the cherry......uh blossom. Again you have to really experience it to get a real feeling what I am talking about, but these pics are good enough.

Pink Cherry Blossom

Road of White Cherry Blossoms

White Cherry Blossoms

White Cherry Blossoms

White Cherry Blossoms with bee

White Cherry Blossoms

View from the top - White Cherry Blossoms

White Cherry Blossoms by the river

White Cherry Blossoms festival

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