Rooney, Giggs and Gerrard

If you think this is an article about football you would be wrong, well I suppose there is some hint of football involved. I mean how can I have those 3 names in my title and not mention football at all. Let me just get to the point. If you are a regular reader of this blog then you may remember the article What's in a Name? Part of the Korean Chronicles, I ..... well talk about English names that Korean kids have been given. And as you can guess, my latest bunch, in fact the first 3 that I met in the class, were Rooney, Giggs and Gerrard.

So naturally my first question was..."hey do you like football(soccer)?" To which I received blank faces....have to remember to add the Juseo after...come on. So I tried again "do you like soccer...Juseo?" Ahh yes a reaction, a kick and a jump and some smiles. But yet after some investigation and really slow talking and plenty Juseo's, I found out they had no idea what their English names meant or were related to. So my investigation had to wait until I could translate properly. Long story short, my Korean co-worker helped me find out that the parents had given them these names. One can only presume that they are football fans, particularly Man United and Liverpool. You see that is how it works around here. You hear a name you like and well, you just go with it.

So I spent the day with Rooney, Giggs and Gerrard when can you say you did that, and you know what Giggs didn't even try and sleep with anyone (Football joke guys come on).

As I said they just choose a name or word that they like well. Those weren't even the best one, in fact there was a kid by the name of Bread....yes Bread!?. Turned out to be quite a Kneady guy....but I knew that he would be able to rise to the occasion and flour into something great, well that was the yeast of my expectations. Ok those were cheesy, but that went on the whole week, I just couldn't resist. Below is a pic of all of them Rooney, Giggs, Bread and Gerrard.

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