The Art of Teaching

So the above pic doesn't really have anything to do with this post, but I thought it was pretty classic all the same HA ignorant foreigners. Well that was me not so long ago, so I can't be to critical. What I have come to learn is that teaching in Korea, is never the same, day in and day out. Some say there is an art to it, while others just like to wing it. I like to think I am somewhere in the middle. Have just enough prepared if all hell breaks loose. So you can fall back on it. But have that same "Hey Kids! Who is ready to learn some English?!" Attitude. Where every class has a new tweaked strategy.

Today I had kindergarten again, so I thought....hey let's get all up close and join in on all the activities, dance and sing with them, draw with them and do the rocket ship. Well that was great, the kids shyness was gone and all were laughing and smiling. That was until one of the kids decided it would be fun to lick me up my arm (Koreans are amazed with hair on the arms). That inspired others to do the same, and soon I was in some sort of weird place being slobbered on. Not ideal, but at least I know to watch out for the "licky" ones next time.

If you have seen the site kikinitinkorea, then you will know they put up classic gifs applying to teaching in Korea, so I thought why not give it a go myself.

Yes this how I feel when my students understand my lesson explanation

How I move when trying to get my Kindergarteners in the mood for HEAD, SHOULDERS KNEES and TOES.

How I feel when my co-teacher tells me I have to do a presentation 2 minutes before, parents and department heads arrive.

When ask someone something in Korean.... and they respond.....Juseo!

When my kids see one of the massive Korean insects...or any creature really.

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