Hump Day Hottie!

You've stumbled crawled and cried your way through Monday, and with the demons of your weekend festivities still reminding you of that moment you had your shirt off in the club at 4am you have managed to soldier through Tuesday. You awake on Wednesday morning..knowing if you can get yourself through today you will be able to taste the sweet freedom of the weekend. So close to that care free craft beer on a crisp Friday night full of possibilities. So close..yet the thought of getting through the hump that is Wednesday has you thinking life as a dive bum living on the beach up the coast cant be that bad?


To aid you in your fight against the mundane and the constant struggle with the corporate man we have decided to give our weekly Hump day Hottie! First up is the outrageously hot actress Lindsy Fonesca. Famous for roles in KickAss and as 'The great White Buffalo' in Hot tub time machine...All I can say is ENJOY.

                                       Lyndsy Fonesca

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