It's a Ghetto Revolution

Ghetto Revolution was founded by a group of young, talented individuals from the dusty streets of Soweto. Smangaliso Dumane is the current chairperson of the organisation. He explains the objective of the group: “We have a mutual passion for dance and the arts. Children in the community are not always exposed to the arts and we wanted to change that.”

In August 2009, they started off with 15 dancers from the community, comprising of children aged between 11 and 20. They aim to assist the community by teaching young children how to dance. Lessons are provided free of charge to underprivileged children. The idea behind the lessons is to use culture and the arts to inspire positive change. Smangaliso’s dream for the future is to have a dedicated dance school in the community.

Smangaliso has seen the benefits of helping the community: “I help others because I see the difference that is being made in the lives of these kids. If people don’t have healthy ways to express themselves, they can get into dangerous activities.”

The Ghetto Revolution programme is a way of keeping young people occupied in a healthy way, rather than a destructive one. The dance crew has appeared on local TV shows and even had their own music video shoot.

For Smangaliso, the future for Ghetto Revolution is bright: “We have grown from strength to strength. My vision is to grow further and continue helping kids learn how to dance and keep them occupied in a healthy way.”

Needs for Ghetto Revolution include funding, equipment and dance costumes.

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