SodaStream! You Better take Notice

SodaStream? What's that? Well if you have been living under a rock and have not seen their awesome ad campaign then you have some serious Googling to do. Dubbed the healthy alternative to regular sodas, you know....Coke, Pepsi and the rest of those guys. However that is not the main draw card, because if the way the average human treats their body is anything to go by, well then I don't think it's going to give SodaStream the competitive edge it needs. What is the draw card that just might make all the difference, is what it can do for the planet....and we all know it's cool nowadays to care about the planet. Take a look below at their awesome campaign, its a Game Changer.

So a play on the evolution of man, I find that cheeky and brilliant. Instead, it is the evolution of the soda drinking man. If you stop admiring the genius of the ad and you think about it just for a second, it is crazy that that much waste happens when you drink from a bottle or can. That is a perfect angle for SodaStream to come from. I mean if a brand can be made from awesome advertising (example, Red Bull come on, is it really that tasty) then SodaStream are doing a great job. Just take a look at their ad that was banned from airing at the Super Bowl....

Classic right? Well I thought so, and it clearly pissed off the right people if it was banned. For me that is when you know your marketing campaign is hitting the spot. If rivals are scared, then yes you are doing your job. With the tag line "With SodaStream, we could have saved 500 million bottles on Game Day alone. If you love the bubbles set them free." 
Its still hard to think that just over the course of 'game day' you could have saved 500 MILLION bottles, that is just insane. If you not going to worry about your own health, then at least think about what it is doing to the planet (because you know, caring about that stuff is cool nowadays....isn't it?)

Another great ad from their campaign above, just to try and give you the visual stimulation you need to start thinking about switching to SodaStream. I took this bit from their press release:

SodaStream is not afraid of being controversial. Recently, the SodaStream Belgium team, in partnership with 5gyres, an environmental activist group, launched a viral campaign with a man who appears to be a prominent federal minister delivering a speech slamming the use of plastic and announcing an increased tax on the troublesome material. The viral achieved significant media coverage and you can view it here

In May 2013 SodaStream took Coca-Cola’s long standing place as the sponsor of the American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival. The Pavilion specifically wanted to work with the brand for its green credentials – so they could be plastic bottle and can free.

So you see SodaStream mean business and are taking all the right steps to make people aware of the problems. It also doesn't hurt that they have clever and funny ads to give it that extra 'cool factor', after all we all know how much image means to the average person, so why not fight fire with fire....I look forward to more from SodaStream

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