Stimorol Sensations New Gum, Commercial and Campaign

So Stimorol has come out with a new campaign to launch their sensations gum. It is good to see that Stimorol have continued their brand campaign where they left off with the turns Mondays into Fun Days. I enjoyed those ads, no matter how cheesy some of the one liners were. So there was some pressure on the creative guys behind the campaign to get me to enjoy this (yes that is their aim, to impress me)Here is a little from the press release, and below that I have added the ad, take a look.

SA’s most popular gum brand, Stimorol, is proud to bring South Africa not just a new gum, not just a delicious gum, but actually“The Most Indulgent Gum in the Universe. Ever.Seriously”- new Stimorol Sensations.Sensationsis the first candy layered slab gum to indulge SA consumers with a burst of delectable taste and flavour. Withtwo layers of delicious fruity chewing gum sandwiched around a rich candy gel center, this gum is more about flavour than ever before, and possibly the most delicious gum. Ever.Seriously.

Stimorol Sensationsarrived on shelves nationwide on 1July 2013 in two delicious fruity combinations, ‘Strawberry and Citrus’ and ‘Peach and Mango’. Packaged in the well-loved, premium envelope format,StimorolSensations has 7 mouthwatering slabs of gumfor your mouth’s all day, any time pleasure. It’s hard to put it into words but “it’s like a waterfall of Strawberry’s and Citrus. But not really. But Kind of. But only for your mouth.” All of this delicious indulgence all for the seriously low price of R7.99. Indulgence for all. 

“The Most Indulgent Gum In The Universe. Ever. Seriously.”

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