Captain America The Winter Soldier Trailer - EPIC

Captain America The Winter Soldier

I am a huge Marvel fan, I mean most guys are, but there of course have been a few lemons that have hit the big screen. Captain America was one of those. The problem with the Captain is that he is such a powerful figure in the comics, but bringing him to the big screen is a challenge. After all his costume is rather ridiculous, and there are features that are just hard to put forward to a first time audience. However Captain America The Winter Soldier seems to be taking a much better route. I mean as far as I can see from the trailer it looks far darker....and that is awesome.

After all Batman went dark and that was awesome, the latest Iron Man tried that route, but it was just an awful movie. Thor is also going that route, but that is another story. I just hope that The Winter Soldier lives up to the hype, take a look.

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