We Love Summer - Oh Yes We Do!

We Love Summer

It's true we all love Summer, but when I am saying 'We Love Summer' here I don't specifically mean the season. Here I am talking about the movement/brand We Love Summer. To quote their Facebook page, 'We Love Summer is a series of summertime pool parties thrown in honour of our friends, the sun, the music and the spirit of party in Cape Town. Come play!'

Hmmmm sounds pretty cool, I mean we all know that over the past few years, the 'Day Jol' has become more and more popular so this is a great idea. In my eyes in combines the day jol and festival experience in one. On a much smaller scale of course. Why wait for the festivals like Rocking the Daisies and Synergy, or travel so far to the trans fests out of Cape Town, when you can have a great time right in Cape Town.

If you haven't worked it out yet, I really back this. The first We Love Summer Event is happening tomorrow the 17th of November and it looks like sunny skies are expected.

We Love Summer

Tickets are likely to sell out, but you can find out more by going to their Facebook page (you can click click here) It looks like its going to be a great day, so if you keen then don't miss out on it. These events are going to happening all summer long and will soon be moving to a city near you so look out for them. Lekker Lekker. 

We Love Summer

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