This is How you Market a Movie: New X-Men Nails it!

Now the hype is already huge for any Marvel movie. And it must be said that any X-Men movie is right up there with the most anticipated. The new Days of Future Past looks great. If you area  a comic book fan then you will know what it is all about. If you are not then don't fear because the marketing guys behind the upcoming film have done some great things. 25 Moments (<<click click it's fantastic) is a website that integrates real historic events with events from the movies and comics. It is also great to see how they have tried their best to link up all the X-Men movies as best they can, even the shitty first ones. The Bent Bullet  is another great website that adds to the back story of the movie. Did I mention great marketing!

So there is more. You can watch the trailer below, it is trailer 3 and the latest one. It is my pick of the 3. It really does just get you excited for what is coming. And Bishop is there, yip he is awesome (Nerdy comic book fan in me says hooray). You can watch a whole array of vids and trailers on the YouTube channel that is associated with this vid below. Have a look, it's impossible not to like.

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  1. I like marvel movies that are based on incidents from real life. We get to admire the characters on how they are able to solve and endure their real life challenges.