Korea Burn Baby!

So this last weekend saw an awesome event hit the shores of Korea. Korea burn. It is the Asian equivalent of Burning Man that happens in Mericaaaaaa. If you don't know what that is, then I don't know where you have been hiding, but there is this nifty thing called Google you can use. Anyway, it was flippen fantastic. It saw people from all over the country coming together. Whether they were Korean or foreigners it made no matter all made the journey to experience this awesome event. 

Last year there was some bad weather, so this year all were holding thumbs that the Burn Gods would smile down on us. And they did Hooray for us. Only the Sunday did we see a little bit of rain, but for the Friday and Saturday, it was simply delicious.

What makes burn so great, besides all your friends coming together. Is just the random awesomeness of it all. You could even arrive by yourself and you would have a great time. You would probably walk away with some life long friends. I mean for me this random guy named Steve arrived, saw we had a South African flag flying at our camp and he just decided "Ok I am pitching here". At first I thought he was a real creep, but he grew on all of us and now I can't wait to see the oke again. Burn is a place to let your inner self fly, whether that is a giant freak flag, a nudest or just being yourself. No one cares and that is what makes it so great. It's not about getting drunk and losing your mind (maybe it is) but its more then that. It's about enjoying life, enjoying the people around you, just taking time out from your stressful lives. 

There is a gifting system in place. Where I bring something, you bring something, we all bring something and you basically just share. It is great, you can just walk up to a camp and join in whatever is going on. Free Braais, free drinks, and free strangeness. It really is amazing. If you think about it, its a play on how society should work. We should all just be a community of trust and friendship and share the resources we have. Wouldn't that just be cool. I suppose that is wishful thinking, but burn really does make you think of things like that. Below I have added some random photos that I stole from people on Facebook.....

One of the DJ areas, where we could stomp in the sand and throw our hands up and down. He didn't smile much, no matter how hard we tried.

One of the hippies enjoying life at burn. He liked to welcome strangers into Burn.

The Mexican in the middle was having a great time. Thats Steve the random on the right of him and Sam on the end. There is also bodybuilder Mike in there with his blue shorts he stole from me.

I don't even know what this is. Shane, Lara and their robot friend.

A good game of football had by all, we started with three aside, but soon randoms were joining every minute and we were taking up the whole beach.

This is Devin, he may have bought a tent to small for himself. I am not sure though. Because the next night I could have sworn I heard buffalo noises coming from inside and something out of Ace Ventura 

Good old Vinegar strokes.

More South Africans, pity one of them was in bed by 7pm and missed the madness of the night.

Burning the man.

Sunday saw the rain come down, but that didn't stop us going for one last beverage and a dance in the sand.

There was a Korean man riding a dinosaur.

The South African camp with a Kiwi, Welshman and Irish thrown in the mix.

I had no idea what this was. All I know is it looked cool at night.

I little jam session at one of the DJ areas. This DJ did smile.

Even at Burn there is World Cup Spirit.

The Burn police were on the prowl. 

This guy looks constipated or maybe he was doing yoga. There were Yoga sessions every morning at one of the camps.

As you can see our Irish friend Tim may have got a little sun.

This girl was promoting her website, she didn't like it when I told her that. Cool picture though.

The calm before the storm. 

This is probably my favourite picture, taken by my friend Shane. Just a great one.

Photo of a photo

The coolest South Africans around. Bules and Nas

There was a pirate themed camp. It was awesome, they gave out free food and beer. Plus they built this ship that you could climb on and chill.

Nothing wrong with doing a #calepose with a man who just has had to much too early.

And on the Saturday we got to watch them light the man. It was awesome, plus it kept away some of the giant insects that were flying around. I swear mosquitoes as big as my hand. 

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