Thought for the Week: Seoul, Summer Camp and a Super Hero Killer

It's summer in Korea and what that means is heat....and lots of it. It also means rain and lots of it. It seems that is the recipe in South East Asia. You can't have the heat without the rain. Nothing like sweating in the rain. If it sounds like complaining then I don't apologise, because even the locals complain. But I suppose it is all part of the experience. This weekend I traveled to the capital Seoul, once more for an interesting time. I was lured here under false pretenses that my friend would be there for a few beers at his house. I was wrong, I arrived to a message stuck on his door....."Gone on a Tinder date, will be back soon"..... That was at 7.30pm, he arrived back at 1.30am. No worries though, I made myself at home and preceded to eat and drink everything in his house.

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The Saturday was much better, we ending up exploring a bit more of the city and then heading to that dangerous place known as is all a blur of shots and shots and more shots. Ending in a bit of a mare, but I won't get into all that. I realised I need a break from Seoul for a while. Moving ON.

Most people in Korea have moved on to various vacation destinations as it is summer break here. However there is a period before that break known as Summmer Camp. For most people that is simply a week of doing crafts or fun games. For me it is a month long Genius Camp (yes they call it that here). It is a month long with higher level kids. Well it has been interesting and not all of it is hard work. For instance the name giving. If you have ever been to Korea or taught as a foreign English teacher in any country. You will know that it is pretty common for the kids to have their native name as well as an English name (I wrote this one What's in a Name give it a read). For the start of the camp I was told that I was to give them all English names if they didn't have already. I don't really want to be the one who decides what name they had. So I told them they could pick a name if they did not have one already or if they wanted a change they could. There were some really interesting results.

Cale - I love this kid haha
Maple Story - yes Maple story
Super Hero Killer.

Me: "Super Hero Killer?"

Student: "Yes Teacher, my name is Super Hero Killer"

Me: "Why?"

Student: "Because I don't like heroes I like the villains, I am a Super Hero Killer.....but you can call me SHK"

Well thanks my man I guess I will call you SHK for short. What could I do but smile. Until next week or until I feel like writing again.

Lekker Lekker

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