This Kid Nails What Korea is Like for its Students

I have been teaching in Korea and all I can say is that it is crazy. I don't mean Korea in general (well parts of it yes), but I mean the education system. The kids are pushed and pushed until, well they break. I teach kids from 3year olds to adults and although they all vary, they all seem stressed. Even my 9year olds look (stressed wise) and talk like they are in high school. It is just crazy what the system does to these kids. I could go on for hours but instead I will say this. There is only one thing that can change this. And that is the government.

In my country it is as simple as your parents not pushing you or you yourself taking a break. But here it is a vicious cycle.

Sure the kids parents could all get together and say that they are collectively going to stop pushing their kids and let them be kids. For anyone who has studied game theory will know that this is not going to be a positive outcome.

Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, LG etc etc etc you know all the big conglomerates only hire the best of the best from the best universities. Working at a company like this is the dream of 99% of most Koreans. And as you see in the video, those who can't become, Doctors, Lawyers Teachers etc (theoretically contributing to the Korean way of life. So here is the problem.

If your kid is not working and you know that a 1000 other kids have agreed to take a break, well you as the parent will then try to get your kid ahead. So he/she will study more. But what is to say that ever rational parent will not think like this. So with every kid that studies more, so starts the push to be better than the person next to you. The competition increases, the pressure, the extra classes the midnight lessons. And soon enough we are back where we started.

The only thing that will bring about change and help these kids is the Government. In a country where excellence is admired but creativity only a 3rd prize you can see that many kids will struggle.

I asked a fresh out of college kid, who now had got his dream job at LG, what he did there. He said "LG do whatever Samsung is doing".

I laughed and said "oh you mean you all aim for the same?".
He said "No whatever Samsung are doing we will match them"

Something there doesn't seem right. Surely you try and be different or better. Think of a way you can change the game. Think of Apple and Microsoft they are not they same. Creativity is second or third, what matters is 'Perfection'

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