The Uber vs Addison Lee War Gets Better

Being something of a tech nut myself I do enjoy the London landscape. I mean in South Africa when Uber arrived it was a god send, just because there was no alternative. In London however we are blessed with so many options. Black cabs, Gett, Hailo, Addison Lee etc. Addison Lee for a long time was the big kid on the block, but since Uber came in with it's new shiny cool appeal, people have been waiting for competition to just roll over and die. However Addison Lee have done the opposite, they have been forced to step it up and this new feature Snooze is exactly the kind of tech advance that will keep them in the game.

The Snooze feature is something that not only makes sense, it is not only something that is showing their ability to differentiate themselves from the competition, but it is fact cool. 

When I watch the video, I find myself thinking exactly that. In the Tinder society we live in today who wouldn't like the option to have a get away driver booked, but if you do find someone worth the swipe right then a Snooze would do nicely.

This comes off the back of a number of features named by both parties. UberAssist lauched, then CycleCab for Addison Lee and then we are set for UberPool this week. 

I look forward to testing Snooze out myself and I will be watching closely as the battle for the roads of London increases.

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