Is this the way we will travel in the near future?

Is 'Pop Up Travel' the way forward?

Meet Zeelo a company that is changing the way people get around. If you have travelled anywhere recently you have probably used the likes of Uber, Addison Lee or maybe even Green Tomatoes, but what if you are traveling a long distance, and what if it's with a group? Do you use the train? National Express? Or do you rent a car and drive? Suddenly the words - Expensive, long, time wasting or painful. That is where Zeelo comes in. A start-up founded by Sam Ryan and Barney Williams if have a history in the tech start-up scene.
According to them, them Zeelo is changing the way people travel to events and cities. 

“We were fed up with crowded and expensive trains only running from major towns and cities. We aim to understand what people actually need, rather than forcing them into certain types of transport systems.”

Zeelo who has started focusing on the event side of travel, has big plans to encompass all aspects of on demand inter urban travel.

The inter-urban transport market is worth an estimated £42 billion a year but travellers are not being given the options they deserve,” Ryan noted. “We’ve all experienced overcrowded trains when heading to major events, and lengthy queues when leaving. We want to fix that.”

Well that is all well and good, but what makes them different from say National Express or any other coach provider? 

Unlike traditional providers Zeelo uses it's algorithm and data, to pop-up routes when the demand requires it. What's more is that they go direct. No more weaving around the country and stopping at every town on the way to your destination. No Zeelo goes direct, which means more than often their journey times are the same as taking the train, but at a lower cost.

With backing from the likes of Jaguar LandRover, CoachHire and the former CEO of Addison Lee just to name a few, Zeelo is looking to make big moves, with plans to move into Europe as early as next year. 

So it uses tech.....great.
It uses data to provide the perfect routes.....great. 
It goes direct.....great.
It is solving a genuine problem......great.

Well that is all we need to know. Zeelo gets the thumbs up from us and we will be watching closely.

For more info you can check out their website here

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