PSG may be exiting early after a loss to Real Madrid.

Real Madrid Enjoys Comeback Win vs PSG

Although Unai Emery has stated that the preparations for this game began at last season’s Camp Nou, there is no way that he meant like this. It was not three goals in seven minutes, and it is not yet decisive, but Paris Saint-Germain conceded twice in that period, leaving the team facing the possibility of yet another early European exit.

Anything Can Happen, Says Zidane

They still have the Parc des Princes, and Zinedine Zidane has cautioned that anything is possible in three weeks’ time, but after Adrien Rabiot and Cristiano Ronaldo went on to score in the game’s first half, Marco Asensio entered the field, creating late goals for Ronaldo and Marcelo Vieira just as PSG looked likely to exercise some control. Real Madrid scored when PSG was playing their best game, Emery acknowledged, adding that this is why Madrid now controls the tie. The game ended with a final score of 3 - 1, significant especially for punters looking to start their FIFA World Cup betting predictions before the June games begin.

Madrid Ready to Defend Their Title

Real suffered at times, but it is obvious that they are not prepared to give up their European title without a fight. Zidane stated that the club has 12 Champions Leagues in their pocket, and there is a good reason for that. He then said that the team was pleased with their performance against PSG, because that squad was a very good one.

Highlights from the Match

Kylian MbappĂ©’s delivery helped make it for Adrien Rabiot, missing some great opportunities, and Edinson Cavani and Karim Benzema got withdrawn early on. Gareth Bale was an unexpected exclusion, and although he certainly got on it, it was Marco Asensio who really won the game, even if Emery did lament the official’s role.

Refereeing Damaging PSG, Says Emery

Emery stated that this game was a repeat when the 6 - 1 defeat at Barcelona last season came up. He wasn’t talking about the outcome, or the collapse, but the refereeing, which he said harmed PSG. Emery was focussing particularly on the penalty awarded to Real and denied to his team, as well as what he called an inclination against PSG. It was not very convincing, however, and will not do anything to reduce the increasing pressure the manager is facing. If PSG is eliminated, it is very likely that Emery will follow. They may be an exciting team, but their vulnerability is still abundantly clear.

Zidane leaving Gareth Bale out was another big call, and what it means for the manager’s relationship with the player from Wales remains to be seen. When pressured, Zidane puts his trust in those who managed to win the double last season, and if he was to go down, he decided it would be right along with his team!

The BernabĂ©u crowd could be heard chanting This is how Madrid win during the game, and they weren’t wrong. It’s just that it is how PSG loses, too.

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