The Premier Leagues' Missing Fans

With the shocking attendances at the Emirates of late, we came across something titled "The Premier Leagues Missing Fans" A study undertaken by Zeelo, a company that specialises in fan travel, revealed a large number of interesting as to why Premier League teams are having troubles filling their stadiums.

From an Arsenal point of view, the Emirates came out on top as the most accessible Premier League ground in terms of transport links.

However on the flip side 54% of Gunners fans have missed minutes due to either arriving late or due to leaving early to avoid the overcrowded public transport. If you have ever been to the Emirates you will know these two stats to be true. Especially leaving. Before the end of the game, fans flood out of the stadium, even if we are winning (a rare thing lately). This really is a problem as we need to be getting behind our team and transport shouldn't be the issue causing this problem. Of course there are other reasons why the stadium is empty recently, but this has been an issue for years. But they will be fancying their chances this season, in fact fans have been signing up to Fantasy Sports Betting in New Zealand There are some interesting stats below on each team have a look

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Some other interesting facts from the research are as follows. 

  • On average £79 per game to watch their favourite play – with £13 going to transport costs alone. That is a huge amount, no wonder fans are trying to win big on casinojoka.
  • Brighton fans find rowdy and drunk chanting the most frustrating out of all fans from Premier league teams when attending a live game (38.5%)
  • 21% of West Ham fans stated that never getting a seat and having to stand the whole journey as a main frustration (the highest amongst fans of premier league clubs). 47% of West ham fans listed overcrowding on public transport as a frustration (also the highest amongst fans of Premier League clubs).
  • 55% of Burnley fans would attend more football games if travel was more accessible and affordable. The recent rail fare hikes in January mean that 15% of Burnley will be attending fewer live football games this year (also the highest amongst fans in the Premier league)
  • Liverpool fans were ranked first in having never missed minutes of a football match (53%)
  • Of those who have missed minutes of a match, Crystal Palace fans came out on top of arriving late due to bad traffic/transport problems (38%)
  • Of those who have missed minutes of a match, West Brom fans were top of the league for leaving a game early because their team is losing (45%)
  • The recent rail fare hikes in January mean 13% of 18-24 year olds will be attending fewer live football games this year
  • 8% of 18-24 year olds have missed an entire football match in the past due to transport issues
  • Transport costs and delays on the day put 35% of 18-24 years olds off attending live games
  • 69% of 18-24 year olds have missed the start of a football match in a football season due to transport delays as opposed to only 39% of 55-65 year olds
  • 31% of 18-24 year olds are likely to use the train as opposed to 25% of 55 and overs

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