Boxers Who Became Actors

We cannot deny the fact is fun and it will earn quite a lot of money, but if you are multitalented then there is nothing wrong with doing wo things at the same time. Or rather retiring from one career only to pursue au online casino. And in this article shall look at some boxers who after a few bouts in the ring, decided to try out acting and they were very good at it. 

Jack Dempsey

Jack Dempsey was one of the boxers who many loved to see in the ring. He is best known for his many brutal knockouts as well as aggressive approach in the ring. And he also featured in over 20 different movies between 1920 and 1958, this included his own movie about his career. 
Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson was recognised to be one of the best athlete in history. He has a boxing career that many envy and he is also the former heavy weight champion. And after all that was done, he took to Hollywood where he made his mark as well, and like Jack, he has his own movie about his origins and how he came to boxing. We are sure if we look well enough, we can find a few online baccarat casino game that feature Iron Mike in them as well. 

Tex Cobb

Many now know him for his various approaches in different movies. But before that he has spent 16 good years a professional boxer. He was also, at some point during his long career a world heavyweight contender who fought against ken Norton for the WBC title in 1982. 

Antonio Tarver

Another boxer who decided to put down the gloves and step into the acting scene was Antonio Tarver. During his days as a boxer he had quite the impressive career and managed to bring almost his opponents to their knees. In his career, he holds a Bronze medal for America at the Atlanta 1996 Games and he was also the light-heavyweight would champion as well.

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