Some of the Biggest Names in Female Boxing History

In boxing competitions, women have always been overlooked due to the fact that males dominate the sports industry. Yes, when it comes to the casino Australia department, the same issues can be notified as well. But, it has all improved. Women in both athletics and the gambling world today play similar roles as men. Which is how we have even gotten to the point of writing this article on female boxers. 

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey not only rules the boxing arena, but she has a variety of movies under her name. And, you will even get to see her outstanding fighting ability in the films. Any of the best Hollywood action films, such as the Expendables, Furious 7 and Charlie's Angels, have starred the 32-year-old. 

Laila Ali 

Laila Ali is the daughter of the late Muhammed Ali, a successful boxer. We can confidently, thus, assume that her creativity is in her blood. In addition to all that, she also participated in a variety of TV shows as well. The 43-year-old also has her own "All in With Laila Ali" reality show. In addition, she has made appearances in the epic film, Falcon Rising. 

Lucia Rijker

Her boxing talents have won this skilled woman the title of "The World's Most Dangerous Woman." Rijker is also in the movies, "Million Dollar Baby," Star Trek and the iconic boxing film. There are also a variety of TV shows and series for the 52-year-old. She is now a kickboxing and Judo fighter as well, aside from boxing.Did you know at casino en ligne en France you can place your bets on good boxers like Lucia. 

Mia St John

You can hardly even get to believe the age of this 53-old boxer who also happens to be a businesswoman and model. Yet, most of her TV shows are focused on health and fitness. In her career, Mia has only recorded 14 defeats and also has a number of championship titles in her name. Not to mention her Taekwando medals, too.

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