The Most Despicable Fighters in the MMA

It is not such a good feeling to know that you are not exactly anyone’s favourite, especially in the entertainment industry. Therefore, entertainers are always trying in their different ways to make sure that they have the crowds on their side.  You might know the MMA from online sports betting, therefore, you will have a rough idea of the players that people are not really fond of in the MMA.

Brock Lesner

Brock Lesner did not exactly get the welcome that he thought he would from MMA supporters. He had managed to gain a lot of supporters at the WWE and from aussie online pokies players. So, maybe he thought that he could take all that love and go with it to the MMA as well. There were speculations that a lot of people were not really fond of him because they thought that he should not have tried to switch from the WWE to the MMA. He should have just stayed in his lane.

Chael Sonnen

There are so many scandals that are surrounding this MMA fighter. Some of them include being found with a very large amount of testosterone in his system during the regular blood tests. On top of that he was involved in a money laundering scandal as well. Overall, the fighter comes with a really bad, proud, and arrogant personality that a lot of people are not really fond of but like new online casino skills in hi . Only one can imagine what other disrespectful things that the fighter does which we are still yet to find out.

Tito Ortiz

People have never really been fond of this MMA Fighter ever since he decided to join the MMA. At some point, the fighter went for 5 years without getting any wins. We know this is not good for those fans that would have bet on him winning. Maybe, it was just best that you would bet his loss instead a win.

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