The Dark Knight Rises

Last night a bunch of us went to go watch Christopher Nolan’s finale to the, quote me on this, best superhero series of all time! I’m not going to give spoilers in this article but just what I thought of it.

The movie brought forward the questions of can revenge bring peace? Can good outweigh the bad? Can Bruce Wayne find love again? And the ultimate of questions, what the hell was Tom Hardy saying?

I thought the film focused on emotional engagement, they brought sincerity to each of the characters we have grown to know throughout the trilogy. Even though the film was 2 hours and 45 mins it was always action packed, especially the last 45 mins! The film’s focus was on the Bruce Wayne story, the man and toll his chosen life has taken on him. This gave us an emotional finale and a fitting epitaph for not only the trilogy but the hero Gotham deserved.

Focusing brilliantly on the Batman as the symbol with the underlying themes playing on fear of terrorism and economic collapse, the film won my thumbs up overall. It captured the love between Bruce Wayne and his ever-faithful butler Alfred, as well as introducing some sincere and honest characters.

The mask that Tom Hardy wore made it difficult at some stages in the film to understand what he was saying. Yes, I am also going to drop the comparison of the Joker. I just think that Bane was ‘semi-boring’ when compared to the creepy memorable character portrayed by the late Heath Ledger. BUT moving on, Christian Bale’s role this movie gave off a tortured sincerity that made Batman vulnerable and emotionally relatable.

All in all I thought it was an emotionally epic conclusion that I enjoyed and shall recommend to all that enjoyed the first two parts of the saga.

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