Dubai - Worth a Trip I'd say

No one likes a layover, unless it's in Dubai, you have a whole day, and you are able to get yourself a day Visa. That is exactly what happened to me recently on a trip. I was with a friend so we decided why not go check what Dubai is all about. I tell you we weren't disappointed, Dubai, is crazy. Even after the effects of the recession, this place is still trying to defy all the laws of gravity, engineering and construction. Basically if you can think it up, they will try and make it happen.

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world at 828m. I took this pic while standing at the bottom, before I decided to take the trip up. Once you are up there, it's like looking out the balcony of the almighty himself. A windowsill of the gods if you will. It is an amazing site, but if you have any fear of heights, then I wouldn't venture up there.

It was winter in Dubai, so the beach was an option, in summer apparently you will die on the beach...and I don't think the locals were joking when they told me that.

Below is a pic of the indoor ski slope that SKI Dubai has on offer. It is crazy, you are in the middle of the desert, sweating from every place possible and next thing you know you are freezing on a ski slope. I has to be one of the most impressive things I have ever seen.

A night view of the city on my way back to the airport

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