Nando's Reason #15

The second Nando's ad is out in their #25 Reasons campaign. It is called "we still tell stories around the fire". But in true Nando's tradition of playing with fire it means more than that. For those of you who don't quite understand what on earth is happening, Nando's is playing on the act known as "Izikhothane", take a look below..

Izikhothane is the practice of destroying or burning expensive branded clothing in a search for some sort of recognition... “I’m so rich I can…” ...well destroy and waste the most. It is sort of like shouting out while you buy 300 shooters at a bar "YOUNG MONEY". But instead of burning up your money, you burn up your designer jeans. Each to his own I suppose, but once you understand what the video is amount it is much more classic. Here it is. 

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