#Firstworldproblems - might just be the best ad ever

If you are familiar with twitter and you like to #hashtag now and then, then maybe you are familar with the #hashtag, #Firstworldproblems. You know, "like my iPhone battery doesnt last long enough" or "I hate it when Steers takes so long". They are problems, but not really. So this brings me to this, a great ad, possibly one of the most affective ever.
DDB New York has created an ad for the Haitian charity "Water Is Life" that humiliates whiners on Twitter who use the "#Firstworldproblems" hashtag to complain about life's trivial challenges.

The ad is really powerful and has apparently got people really angry. Many people think that the ad completely misunderstands the hashtag, and the ad therefore insults people who would normally be its target audience. Shame..... people who are rich are insulted, oh no. I am aware that the #hashtag is used ironically, but I for one still think the ad is brilliant. After all the DDB did state that it hopes to "eliminate the "#FirstWorldProblems hashtag on Twitter," because it "showcases concerns that seem important to those living in wealthy, industrialized countries, yet are, fact, trivial compared to the issues faced by those struggling to survive in many parts of the world.On top of all this I really do enjoy a good debate. Go check it out on Twitter and throw your 2 cents in. Here is the ad that has cause all the hype.

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