Rocking the Daisies INDEED!!!

We rocked those daisies....cheesy? Well too bad. It was great, Friday night was a bit of a blur but it was still  a smash hit. The nights were nice and warm though....that of course is a complete lie and if you were there, you will know just how cold it was in your tents. However when people walk, stumble and fall into their tents after a night like that, the last thing you are thinking is just how cold it is. Here is the stage on Friday night. I have added a whole lot more below as well.

rocking the daisies

Waking up on the Saturday was, to put it mildly, a cold experience so of course the camp site was awake early and ready to start the charge. It was also great to hear a 100 people looking for Allen or Steve every few minutes (had to be there moment). Nonetheless the beach bar was a huge highlight for me, nothing is better than a day joll. Bouncing to the deep house beats, while laughing as some of your friends have rocks thrown at them for thinking the dam (with people all diving in) was a good place to use as a urinal.

Jumping up and down to Bloc party in the rain was something else. Even if you didn't know any of their songs it was still such a vibe. From there it was to the electro tent for me to listen to Gold Fish. I must admit I haven't listened to Gold Fish in quite a while, but they seem to have taken all their old songs and dubsteppised them. Usually I would say that it's simply milking a dead cow, but actually they were great and I could hardly stop myself from smiling as my friends and I forgot all sense of time or space. 

As always waking up on the Sunday is never fun, and making that trip back to your car feels ten times longer then on your arrival. Rocking the Daisies was a great weekend and as I sit here at my work desk battling to keep my eyes open, and I am pretty sure I have taken a few years off my life, all I can say is.......Worth it!

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