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Cape Town Beer Festival

Friday, it's basically the weekend so I have taken it upon myself to treat this work day as a holiday, simply nodding and smiling at any requests from work colleagues, pretending that I am focused. After all it's a Friday, I am sure they are doing the same. What I am focussed about is Beer Fest, the Cape Town Beer Festival.

Beer Fest

Starting today and running till Sunday so; 23 - 25 NOVEMBER 2012. The festival promises to be great, after all last year was great and don't these things just get better?

Here are some more details
  • 23-25 November 2012
  • Hamilton’s Rugby Club, Green Point
  • Operating times:
  • Fri & Sat 12pm - 11pm (1 hour cool down from 10pm)
  • Sun 10am - 8pm (1 hour cool down from 7pm)
  • 50+ Breweries & Distributors!
  • 150+ Beers!
Yes you read that right, over 150 beers! How am I going to taste every single one? 50 on Friday (today), 50 on Saturday and 50 on Sunday. Maybe a sick day on Monday will be needed, food poisoning is always a good excuse.

Here is a video of last years event. You can buy your tickets here at Webtickets

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